About Us

Honoring what matters most – to cherish every memory made,
every smiled shared

For more than three decades, BJC Hospice caregivers have helped patients navigate the end of life’s journey with dignity and compassion. We design and implement care plans that are centered on each patient’s individual needs, while providing guidance and support to their families and loved ones.

Often, hospice care isn’t about treatments or medicine. Sometimes it’s about holding a hand, lending a shoulder or offering a listening ear. Making the most of every moment is unique to every family, different for every person. Honoring those moments can be a meaningful and important step in saying goodbye. Whatever your journey may be, BJC Hospice will be by your side, helping you find joy in each moment and happiness in the time that remains, spent with the ones you love.

BJC Hospice provides clinical care for terminally ill adult and pediatric patients, care that goes beyond symptom management, care that includes bereavement support and therapies. We offer care in a variety of settings, to promote the greatest comfort and the highest quality of life possible, which include:

What is BJC Hospice?

We’re available anytime you need us, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s part of our commitment to you.

Our History

BJC Hospice was the brainchild of Ruth Castellano, a former vice president of BJC Home Care Services. Castellano, initially a staff nurse at Christian Hospital Northeast, entered home health as a referral coordinator in 1984 for Christian Hospital Home Health Care, becoming director of that operation a year later. During the next 13 years she led the consolidation of eight certified home health agencies, three hospice programs, a home infusion agency, one home medical equipment operation, and three private duty programs into one cohesive and cost-effective agency -- BJC Home Care Services -- within the emerging BJC health system. Castellano established BJC Home Care Service’s central referral center to provide a streamlined approach for managing home care referrals from hospitals and physician offices. Under her guidance, a $5 million point-of-service financial and clinical information system was developed for BJC Home Care, making clinical information available to our home health employees in the field through laptop computers. This also enhanced timely communication of in-home assessments and the coordination of patient care. Today BJC Home Care Services is one of the largest home health care delivery systems in the Midwest.