Hospice Grief Support

Everyone grieves differently.

Grief can occur before and after a loved one’s death. In an effort to honor each person’s grief needs, BJC Hospice offers a wide range of support and programs. This plan follows the bereaved for 13 months after their loved one’s death and includes:

  • Anticipatory grief support for caregivers and family members prior to their loved one’s death
  • Home visits by grief counselors for individuals and/or families after the death
  • Referrals to community bereavement support services
  • Follow-up telephone calls for support and resources
  • Annual memorial service to honor and remember as a community
  • Educational bereavement mailings

BJC Hospice bereavement staff is available for assistance at any point on the journey with grief. Our goal is to promote positive expressions of grief and encourage healing and growth. Please do not hesitate to let us know how to best support your family.

BJC Hospice offers grief support for children and teens in our hospice families.  The bereavement program helps families in which children or grandchildren are affected by the patient's illness by: 

  • Explaining the illness to the child
  • Helping the child cope with the changes in the family
  • Preparing the child for the funeral 

Families receive age-appropriate reading material. Support is provided through phone contact and home visits. Continued support is available after the death of the patient.

For our hospice families as well as for anyone in the community, we provide community grief support for adults, teens and children who have lost a loved one or someone close to them. BJC Hospice offers grief camps, retreats and support groups, at no cost to the participant, and are available to anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.