Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

These songs and guided relaxation techniques were compiled by staff at BJC Hospice to serve as a support for patients, family members and other loved ones during a time that can often be filled with anxiety, wondering and fear.  There are many different types of music and spoken word offerings included since everyone has their own unique sense of what they find comforting and healing. We hope you will find something you connect with as you listen.  The introductory track will give you some information and suggestions for listening. We hope this will serve as a helpful tool and resource for you.  Please feel free to share this site with others that you think may benefit from these tracks.

Calming Moments and Melodies

  Listen to Volume 1

  1. Welcome Track 
  2. Passive Muscle Relaxation | Sandy Dillon, LCSW  :50
    Based on Passive Progressive Relaxation script from Inner Health Studio
  3. Healing Harp 1 | Amy Camie  17:25
  4. Autogenic Relaxation | Karla King, LPC  25:14
  5. Based on Autogenics Relaxation Technique script from Inner Health Studio
  6. Bird Sounds and Guitar | Jared Cattoor  39:16
  7. Healing Light | Jennifer Lang, LPC  42:24
  8. Adapted from EMDR grounding and stabilizing exercises
  9. Tree Meditation | Laurie Albright, LCSW  48:36
    Original script written by Laurie Albright
  10. Healing Harp 2 | Amy Camie  58:51
  11. Butterfly Hug and Safe Place for Kids | Jennifer Lang, LPC  1:05:49
  12. Butterfly Hug and Safe Place | Jennifer Lang, LPC  1:12:36

  Listen to Volume 2

  1. Welcome Track
  2. You are Whole | Alison Cole, MT  :40
  3. Music for the Heart Spoken Intro  3:58
  4. Music for the Heart 1 | Jack Jenkins, MT  5:26
  5. Music for the Heart 2 | Jack Jenkins, MT  8:25
  6. Music for the Heart 3 | Jack Jenkins, MT  11:25
  7. Too La Loo Ra Loo Ra | Carrie Dryer, MT  14:37
  8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Carrie Dryer, MT  18:34
  9. Healing Guitar | Jared Cattoor  21:07
  10. Within | Chrissy Renick, MT-BC  25:20

This CD was produced and engineered by Andrew Stephen at Eightfold Studios, St. Louis, MO