Hospice in the Senior Living Home

BJC Hospice offers all of the benefits of care in the home to residents in a senior living home. Hospice staff will provide instruction to the resident, his or her family and the senior living staff, with the same team approach to care and focus on quality of life and comfort care. Hospice care complements services provided by senior living home staff by providing additional RN, home health aides, social workers, chaplain and volunteer services. Hospice team members will attend care planning meetings at the senior living home to coordinate the plan of care. 

How can Hospice help the resident?

  • The focus is on the resident’s quality of life and comfort care
  • Hospice provides instruction to the resident’s family/senior living staff
  • Equipment, pharmaceuticals and supplies related to the terminal diagnosis – based on insurance coverage – are provided at no cost to the resident
  • Volunteers visit for support and companionship for the resident and family
  • Helps prevent rehospitalization
  • 24 hours, seven days a week availability
  • Home health aides supplement personal care provided by staff