What Our Families Say

We are commemorating the 5th anniversary of Evelyn's House, and we'd love for you to join us. 

Since the first guests arrived at Evelyn's House, staff members continue to paint small rocks with words and symbols representing unique and memorable aspects of each guest and the impact they had on the team, and place them in the meditation garden. This process gives staff members a chance to honor the lives of their past patients and prepare to care for those yet to come. 

In recognition of the fifth anniversary, we invite you to share your story and "place your rock." Whether it is to thank a caregiver for the care provided, a message of hope and encouragement for others, or to share a fond memory of a loved one, we would be honored to hear from you. 

Share your story today.


Evelyn’s House staff and volunteers receive so many nice letters of appreciation from the families of our patients who have spent time here and we would like to share some with you. 

"End-of-life services requires a massive amount care by nursing staff.  No matter how you are licensed – nurse practitioner, RN, LPN, or certified nursing attendant – you are all exemplary."

"My husband and I just wanted to say thank you for all you did to make my sister comfortable during her last days. It takes a special gift to show the kindness and care you give to each person who comes to Evelyn’s House and to their family. We appreciate all of you so much. A very special thanks to the “music lady,” she was truly a blessing as she lightened our hearts with her gift, during a sorrowful time. God Bless you all."

"What you are doing at Evelyn’s House is just incredible. It was such a gift for my family to move in and be with my grandma for her last few days on earth. We were all quick to realize that the services you provide were there just as much, if not more, for those of us grieving as they are for the loved ones we are going to miss. My entire family is just so thankful for everything you did and will continue to do for each family who steps in your door." 

"Thank you for providing dignity for my mother-in-law. Thank you for providing a haven for our family to spend time with her during her last days. Your staff loved on each of us. Our family ate meals together in your kitchen each night. What would we have done without you. You all are making a positive impact on people each day. May you be strengthened with every good gift you need to do your job and to continue to do your job. Thank you for everything." 

"Thank you so much for the care you provided for our son-in-law during his last moments of life. All of you were very kind and patient. We appreciate the art and music therapists and we are grateful to all of you. You are very appreciated."

“I wish to convey our deepest gratitude to the staff of Evelyn’s House. The care our mother received at the end of her life was extraordinary. The way the nursing staff, the physicians and nurse practitioners, and all the support staff interacted with our mother and with us was sensitive and compassionate. We all felt that our mother had been shown the utmost dignity and respect.”

“None of us anticipated having to make a decision to bring our mother to hospice so quickly. Yet, from the moment she arrived, and throughout her stay, we felt reassured that this was the best place for her. We were also able to be together as a family, which was a great help to us.”

“Evelyn’s House is a remarkable place and a model of what end-of-life care can be.”

“Some would think that the beauty of Evelyn’s House comes from the beautifully decorated rooms. From my experience, I learned that the beauty comes from the hearts of the staff and volunteers.”

“The tenderheartedness at which you go about your tasks was above expectation.”

“Thank you for your kindness, empathy, generosity and for taking such amazing care of our dear friend. Your compassion and professionalism allowed her to pass peacefully, surrounded by love, respect and dignity.”

“It’s a miracle that we got my mom in to the wonderful, loving, peaceful, caring, gentle, compassionate “home” that is Evelyn’s House, where my mom could live her last days in peace with no pain and no fear of not being taken care of…. You at Evelyn’s House, took such good care of her and treated her with such reverence and respect – that meant so much to our family!”

“I can’t name all the staff that helped us… ALL the nurses were phenomenal! The art therapist and the angel music therapist – AMAZING!”

“You made his stay comfortable, peaceful, and restful. You loved him well!”

“It was clean, comfortable and you all were so friendly and tolerable of our large family and friends!”

“… So open hearted and welcoming to all. [We] appreciate the daily smiles you all brought into the room. Thank you for all you do/did.”

“Incredible care – words are not adequate to say the depth of our appreciation.”

“We felt so blessed to be at Evelyn’s House. Dad was so well attended to the entire week. Your staff is top notch, we’ve never experienced so many gentle souls in one place. You are angels on earth.”

“My heartfelt thanks to you for the loving care you gave to my brother… and to our family. Your kindness will never be forgotten.”

“… You cared for him with true compassion. Your facility is absolutely beautiful and given much thought and tastefully done.”

“Your kindness will always be in our memories.”

“Your facility is so luxurious and comfortable during a very difficult time in a person’s life. I appreciate the care [he] received. Thank you so very much for the love and compassion you show your patients.”

“Every single one of you has helped me to become a better person and I am forever thankful to have met all of you. Your passion for these patients, families, and house in general truly radiates off of you and it inspires me! Thank you for helping to make this house a home, for answering all my dumb questions, and always being a friendly face. Evelyn’s House will always be a family to me.”

“[We] would like to express our sincere appreciation for your support, gifts and the many acts of kindness which were extended to our family during this difficult time.”

“If it had not been for that loving, warm, caring place I would not have made it through.”

“We were truly blessed to have chosen BJC Hospice. I am looking forward to participate in your Grief Support Group.”

“I wanted to thank you for everything you do, but more importantly for the kind of people you are. Not just anyone can hold the hand of a terminal patient while they pass, or hug a crying family member in the hallway whose heart is breaking, but you do this day in and day out and then put a smile on and walk into the next patient’s room to try to make them as comfortable as possible…. Strong beyond belief, caring beyond all measure, but human like all the rest.”

“Thank you all again for your wonderful hospitality and services you provided him while he was with you and the nurse angels that walk the halls at Evelyn’s House.”

“Without exception, everyone I came into contact with, everyone who did what they could to bring her comfort, everyone who greeted me with a smile or a kind word… they all displayed a quality and professionalism that deserves high praise.”

“It was the best choice we could have made. Beyond the care, I was impressed with the architecture, the colors in the carpeting and walls, the paintings and photographs and artwork, the gardens and patios, the selection of books for guests. Obviously, much thought and taste went into the facility.”

“The importance of the work they do can never be underestimated. Evelyn’s House is a place you can all be proud of.”

“Those very difficult days were made easier because of each and every one of you.”

“You do excellent work. Your staff is outstanding and your facility fills a great need.”

“She received stellar care from the moment she arrived. Our family was so blessed to have had the Evelyn’s House staff take care of her… you gave us the piece of mind knowing her final hours of life were spent in superb hands that provided companionate care. The Evelyn’s House is a terrific facility and we cannot say enough about the great amenities that are offered, not only to the patients but to the families as well.”

“I truly feel that, if we did not have Evelyn’s House for my mom, her last hours of life would not have been as peaceful for her or for us.”