Weavings weekend retreat is offered at no cost to mothers who have experienced the death of their son or daughter.

In-Person Retreats: April 12-14, 2024 and November 1-3, 2024


If you prefer to complete the application by phone, call 314.953.1676 or email us.


The death of a child is out of the natural order, which can make it one of the most painful losses imaginable. The impact of this loss is felt strongly for much longer than friends and family members often realize, which is why the support of other mothers, who have also been through this can be so helpful.

“Being able to talk about my child and his death to other moms who were genuinely interested and allowed me to cry was incredibly helpful and healing.”

Denise, participant

Weavings is open to any mother who has lost their son or daughter due to any cause after birth, not only those who were served by BJC Hospice. The retreat is offered at no cost to the participants due to generous individual and corporate donations from the communities we serve. Mothers at Weavings have some large group experiences, small group discussions, self-care and pampering time, a variety of outlets for expressing emotion, and time to remember their children and honor their forever motherhood.

Weavings provides:

  • A safe place for mothers to explore and openly express their emotions, share stories about their children, and celebrate their motherhood
  • An opportunity to create a community of support with other women who have experienced the death of a child
  • A nurturing, non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone is accepted no matter where they are in their journey with grief
  • An invitation to participate fully in the wide range of activities provided with the recognition that everyone can determine their own level of actual participation
  • Support from bereavement professionals, volunteers, and mothers who attended the retreat previously
  • Suggestions for ways to cope with difficult emotions and moments

“I was able to be fully open and honest at Weavings. I think all the moms were so brave and courageous to come. I love that I am leaving here knowing that I still have ways to reach out to them for support.”

Julia, participant

“I feel very blessed to have been here. For the first time since my son died, I felt safe, loved, accepted and understood.”

Beth, participant

Weavings, a weekend retreat for mothers who have experienced the death of their son or daughter, creates a safe space to express their grief while honoring their children and celebrating their forever motherhood. Through this retreat, mothers experience support from a community of other women who have also lost a child, learn new coping tools, and take time to care for themselves.