Your Care Team

314-872-5050 or 877-227-8718

An entire team of specially trained individuals is there for both the patient and family, while providing the best medical, emotional and spiritual support available. Professionals trained in hospice care help the patient and loved one address the significant transitions taking place in their lives.

Staff includes:

  • Registered nurses  to assess needs, educate the patient and family, and coordinate comfort care
  • Certified hospice aides/homemakers to assist with personal care and homemaking tasks
  • Medical social workers to connect the family with resources in the community, provide short-term counseling and grief support; Meet some of our social workers >
  • Chaplain to guide the patient and family through the crisis, respecting their personal beliefs
  • Trained volunteers – adults and teens – who provide caregiver relief including running errands, helping with cooking and housekeeping and visiting with the patient and family
  • Experienced medical director to coordinate the patient’s care with the attending physician and staff

In addition, the following professional services are available, as needed: