Daybreak Retreat for Couples

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Daybreak is a one-day grief retreat, offered at no charge, for couples who have experienced the death of their son or daughter.


The death of a child at any age is a devastating loss. It can be difficult to figure out how to cope with the loss as an individual. Trying to find ways to support and stay connected with a spouse or partner at the same time can be even more challenging. The grief process is often not a shared experience because everyone grieves in different ways which can be hard for those in a relationship to understand and respect. The loss of a child can also cause couples to feel isolated, as if no one really understands. The Daybreak retreat provides a space for couples to come together to support one another, share the differences and similarities they have discovered in their grieving styles, connect as a couple, and learn communication and coping tools that may help in their journey through grief. 

“I was grateful to have time to focus on our relationship without distraction.”

Kathleen, participant.

Daybreak provides:

  • An atmosphere of understanding from other couples who have experienced a similar loss
  • Opportunities to honor and remember their children
  • Therapeutic activities to encourage expression of feelings
  • Information about different grieving styles and a chance to communicate openly with each other about strengths and challenges in their relationship 
  • Suggestions for coping tools to support themselves as individuals and one another as a couple
  • Support and guidance from bereavement professionals and volunteers throughout the day

“I appreciated listening to stories from other couples in our situation and hearing about things that have helped others.”

Steve, participant.

“The day helped me get some bottled up feelings out.”

Dave, participant.