A one-day grief retreat for teens aged 13-19 who have experienced the death of a family member or close friend

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Labyrinth provides a safe place for teens to identify and express their grief.

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Grief is a natural reaction to a death, but it doesn’t always feel natural because it can be difficult to control the feelings, thoughts, and physical reactions that often happen after a loss. The death of someone important can cause teens to feel isolated, different from others, and as if there is no one that can understand what they are feeling. The Labyrinth retreat provides an opportunity for teens to get support from one another as they participate in creative, physical and musical activities, discuss their experiences with the group, and receive guidance from grief support professionals throughout the day.


“The sessions at Labyrinth allowed me to express my grief in a way I haven’t before.

Devin, participant.

Labyrinth provides:

  • A safe place for teens to identify and express emotions
  • An opportunity to meet and get support from other teens who have experienced
  • a significant loss
  • Activities that give teens a chance to share memories and honor the person who died
  • Suggestions for ways to cope with difficult emotions
  • A non-judgmental atmosphere with encouragement to participate fully but no pressure to do or share anything the teen is not sure about  

Labyrinth is held at the Forest Park Visitor Center, St. Louis, Missouri. Labyrinth camp is open to any teen who has lost a loved one and is available at no cost thanks to generous individual and corporate donations from the communities we serve. Labyrinth is made possible through the support of Magellan Health Services and the Friends of Wings.


“Learning there were others in my situation that I could talk to and connect with was really helpful.”

Brianna, participant.

“It was a cool group of kids…it's a sense of community.”

Kyle S.